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I have stored everything needed for my database in phpmyadmin , and exported the my database from it. That was saved as Cloud.sql , so now this sql file I imported it to the Google Cloud Storage with the help of this link

Now after importing the Contents of .sql using the Import option present in the action of the instance, it shows the green working sign , and after a while it stops, when I check in the Logs , it shows Failed to import gs://bucket_name/Cloud.sql: An unknown problem occurred (ERROR_RDBMS) So , I am unable to find out the reason behind the error as its not clear, and how can this be solved

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Google Cloud Sql probably doesn't know to which database the gs://bucket_name/Cloud.sql commands apply.


The problem is the dump doesn't contain the name of the database to use. If you add a 'USE XXX' at the top the dump where XXX is the database you want to use I would expect the import to succeed.

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^ that helped, thanks a lot. – Aps18 Nov 10 '12 at 4:11

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