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I have this visual part in my app. I've attached file below:

There are next user interface controls:

First UIScrollView (_blueScrollView) is located on main view of UIViewController that can contain many other views each one is called _magentaView... Each _magentaView contains UIView (_labelView...) for storing UILabel objects. So there is some struct like UITableView in UITableView.

In my case all objects have UIViewController class.

I need to get access to all my labels that are storing in labelsViews. I need to get value of property text of those objects.

So if I make in standard case this will looks like this

for (UIViewController *magentaVC in scrollViewObjects) {
for (UIViewController *labelVC in magentaObjects) {
and get my UILabel objects here.

but as I think this is incorrect. Because I need to use data model for this instead to use UIViewController objects. What do you think about this and which way do I need to choose?

enter image description here

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This is exactly the job for a UITableView. The table itself has a scroll view embedded in it; magentaView 1 and 2 would be sections of the table, and the labelViews would be table view cells.

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yes I know i have written about it. meant UITableView in UITableView –  Matrosov Alexander Nov 6 '12 at 22:23

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