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I'm using Mercurial with TortoiseHG Workbench. I closed a branch by accident. I tried updating to it and making a commit to see if it would reopen (since there didn't appear to be an option to reopen the branch)

I was able to make a commit and push, but on TortoiseHG, it still says that the Head is Closed!

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Option to reopen branch doesn't exist, because commit on top of closed head effectively open this head (and commited head must not be "closed": it's metadata from previous changeset): test this with hg branches and|or hg heads

Additional reading:

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I found out what happened.

On TortoiseHG, I clicked the Branch: button to close a branch. When I updated to my correct branch, I noticed that I forgot to check that the button does not say "close current branch".

A simple commit should solve this problem

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