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The problems can be seen here:

1) the gap below the contentBorderImg 2) contentBorderImg reduces to 69 pixel height instead of 87 (18 px diff = same as gap) 3) the content div doesn't sit over the contentBorderImg even though I assigned a high z-index to it

contentBorder - this is the wrapper/border for the content area with a 1-px border

contentBorderImg - this is the rounded corner image which is displayed over the top part of the wrapper

.content - actual content div that I want to reside over the contentBorderImg

I was able to make the same concept work in the left column. I tried duplicating that code to no avail. I appreciate your help immensely.

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Try giving contentBorderImg's

Z-index = -1;

and then for #contentBorder use

border-radius:9px 9px 0px 0px;

I have used border-radius to mold the border as per the rounded corner image.

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