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I'm using NetBeans 6.7 on Ubuntu, and I downloaded a linux port of shamus young's pixel city, http://github.com/BryanKadzban/pixelcity/tree/master

but I can't step into it (it compiles and builds and runs fine (a little slow but fine)). I can step into a c++ sample project in netbeans which seems to mean that gdb is working properly. What are some of the workarounds / reasons I wouldn't be able to step into a c++ program ? Thanks in advance.

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Did you build it with debugger info enabled? For example, if CCFLAGS is used to specify compiler flags, does it include the -g option? You'll need this before you can use gdb.

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that worked, thanks! –  bit_ly_1selcQ3 Aug 25 '09 at 1:45

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