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When using auto.key in lattice, can I swap the default positions of symbols and text? That is, I'd like the text in the legend to be on the right side with respect to the symbols. I know this is easy to do with key, but separately linking colours with groups for each plot isn't only tedious, but also very error-prone.

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No, you can't get auto.key to do this for you. Here is why:

  • auto.key works by passing a list of arguments along to simpleKey(). From ?xyplot:

    auto.key: A logical, or a list containing components to be used as arguments to 'simpleKey'.

  • simpleKey() in turn constructs a list (eventually passed on to draw.key()) in which the text element always comes first. Here are the key lines of simpleKey():

    ans <- list(text = list(lab = text), col = col, cex = cex, 
        alpha = alpha, font = font, fontface = fontface, fontfamily = fontfamily, 
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Thanks for your reply! It's a shame that because of such a simple issue one has to do all the other stuff manually. The reason I'm upset about it is that just yesterday I created a legend with key by passing points (with custom colours) and text, and then the mapping of the grouping variable to the colours changed somehow, and the legend became wrong. Is there a way to avoid such problems by getting the mapping of text and symbols automatically for the legend without using auto.key? –  AnjaM Nov 7 '12 at 7:39
@AnjaM -- There are ways to get that info, but it's a bit of a maze (to me), and I won't be able to help right now. You could always work on it a bit, and then ask another SO question with a reproducible example of what you've tried and how you'd like it to work. Best of luck. –  Josh O'Brien Nov 7 '12 at 13:39

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