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My app uses omniaauth and the omniauth-facebook gem to connect with facebook. I can pull down all the data I need, but I'm having trouble rendering the profile picture.

I want to show the user's profile pic by using the URL for the pic, instead of saving it to disk.

I've tried this:

<%= image_tag "#{@user.facebook.info.image}" %>

As well as this:

<img src="http://graph.facebook.com/<UID>?fields=picture" > 

But neither have worked.

I haven't found anything in the facebook documentation that would prohibit me from using the URL instead of saving to disk. Am I missing something?

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your post seems to have been truncated, or otherwise incomplete! – RadBrad Nov 6 '12 at 16:17
Thanks. Wrong indentation on the code... – Ben Downey Nov 6 '12 at 16:21


<img src="http://graph.facebook.com/<UID>/picture" />

This endpoint returns a 301 redirect to the picture. Using ?fields= returns a json object.

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This format for the link works when I manually add it to the URL address bar of the browser, but not from inside my app. – Ben Downey Nov 6 '12 at 16:33
Then you’re most likely doing something wrong. – CBroe Nov 6 '12 at 16:45

You can use a service like Avatars.io which provides the following URL patterns:


One thing that's nice about this approach is that it works well for other services too.

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Here's the solution. I had to leverage the CURB gem, which I learned about through this post.

Ultimately, I put this method in my application helper.

def redirect_location_for(url)
  uri_str = URI.encode(url)

  result = Curl::Easy.http_get(uri_str) do |curl|
    curl.follow_location = false

  result.header_str.split('Location: ')[1].split(' ')[0]

And then I was able to have this in my view.

<%= image_tag redirect_location_for("https://graph.facebook.com/<nickname>/picture?type=square"), :size => "60x60" %>

Note that the solution required me to use "https" rather than "http" for the graph URL. This ended up redirecting me to a different URL than with http and for some reason, if you're pulling the pic using HTTPS, Facebook doesn't restrict how you download and render the picture.

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