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DBUnit recommends using Small Datasets but I found no example where a small dataset is included in the dataset. I need something similar to (pseudocode)

<!-- this tag is what I am looking for... ;-)-->
     <include_other_datasets_which_is_shared_between_different_datasets datasetname="other.xml"/>
<!-- normal xmldataset-definition begins... -->
<table name="foo">...</table>

Any ideas?

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There's no such feature exist in dbUnit as far as I know, and you don't really need that anyway.

Because you can simply execute an operation multiple time for different dataset.

DatabaseOperation.CLEAN_INSERT.execute(conn, "first_table.xml");
DatabaseOperation.CLEAN_INSERT.execute(conn, "second_table.xml");

or use CompositeDataSet to combine mutiple dataset into one in runtime.

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I do really need this feature because I wrote a small tool which uses db-unit. To use this tool I only have to provide the dataset to be inserted no java code needed. My solution now is: seperating the datasets by commas and then inserting them. CompositeDataSet looks promising anyway. Thank you –  EhmKah Nov 30 '12 at 8:35

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