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I am using a feed aggregating website. Sometimes I get post such as this:

Where the image is larger than the text-box of the post. Here is a screen shot: enter image description here

Is there a way to make sure in the css of the site that this too-large-to-fit image will be re-sized in some way?


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I definitely wouldn't use max-width, and especially not width directly on the img selector. You then affect every image on your site.

Use something more specific like .entry-content img { max-width: 500px; }

That will target any image posted in a post or article.

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Works like charm - thanks! – Tal Galili Nov 6 '12 at 22:49

you just need to edit your css style and fix one measure (in this case, the width is better), so your image will get scaled to fit that value

img {
    width: <value_here>

if you don't specify your height, image will be resized and mantain scale accordingly. you can also specify a max-width, so that little images won't loose quality

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