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I have two laptops connected through Wireless LAN Ad hoc network.

Laptop A: IP:, Subnet:, Windows 7 Enterprise X64, manually given IP to WLAN NIC, member of Domain, Firewall - OFF (Off for all, public, private, domain profiles).

Laptop B: IP:, Subnet:, Windows 7 Home Basic X64, manually given IP to WLAN NIC, NOT member of Domain (We can say member of workgroup "WORKGROUP"), Firewall - OFF (Off for all, public, private, domain profiles).

Laptop A can ping to laptop B. But when I try to ping laptop A from laptop B, it shows me Timeout.

Please help me. Firewall is off on both.


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Have you verified ALL firewalls are off on both machines? Typically this is the main issue for me, personally, regarding ping. Have you checked Windows Firewall and any anti-virus software you've got installed?

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Try to check tcpdump or wireshark on laptop B on interface where packets should go out. Maybe this is a routing issue and packets are stacked somewhere without being send from laptop B.

If this is not the case then try to do the same on laptop A to see if ICMP packets are reaching laptop A. In this case you will also see if ICMP Request is being send by laptop A.

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