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I've reviewed a few of the Gmaps4rails stubbing questions and think I'm very close, but not quite there. Forgive me: Very new to stubbing and mocking in rails.

All of this code works in the real world, just trying to get it to skip geocoding during testing. Right now tests sometimes work and sometimes fail with the Gmaps4rails address Address invalid error

So, I have a very simple party.rb model that acts_as_gmappable:

def gmaps4rails_address
   "#{}, #{}" 

I've pasted geocoding.rb from github and placed it in /spec/support unmodified

However, I can't seem to tell my parties_controller_spec to use the stub instead of the real one. I'm sure I'm missing something simple... I've tried:

include Geocoding

and even

Gmaps4rails.set_gmaps4rails_options!({:msg => "quack"})

and I don't see "quack" as the error message, I see Validation failed: Gmaps4rails address Address invalid

Also tried:

Gmaps4rails.set_gmaps4rails_options!({:validation => false, :check_process => false, :process_geocoding => false})

But to no effect.

My factories.rb has a straightforward :party define:

Factory.define :party do |party|      "Thai New Year"      "Phuket"   "Thailand"

So, I'm pretty sure I haven't properly told rspec to use the stubbed Gmaps4rails. So, where exactly do I put the code that tells Gmaps4rails to use your stub_geocoding method instead of actually trying to perform geocoding?

Any help would be appreciated... Sorry if this is a mundane question.


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what options do you have in acts_as_gmappable (if any) – apneadiving Nov 6 '12 at 16:54
No options on acts_as_gmappable – Dave Collins Nov 6 '12 at 17:06
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Do this if you don't want any geocoding:

Factory.define :party do |party|      "Thai New Year"      "Phuket"   "Thailand"
  party.gmaps     true #<= this is what tells the gem not to fire geocoding
  party.latitude  whatever_if_relevant
  party.longitude whatever_if_relevant
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Bam! That did it! I knew it would be less than 30 characters of code! :-). BTW Gmaps4rails is awesome!! – Dave Collins Nov 6 '12 at 17:06
Glad it fits your needs :) – apneadiving Nov 6 '12 at 17:07

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