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If I compile a script for distribution as a standalone exe, is there any way I can store settings within the exe itself, to save having to write to an external file? The main incentive for this is to save having to develop an installation process. I only need to store a few bytes.

Also, can resources such as images be compiled into the exe?

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You can try saving it into Windows alternate streams for that exe file. – Pacerier Jul 4 '15 at 22:01

The autohotkey forum has dealt with this question before. In that case, the user didn't want extra files -- period.

The method was to use the file system to save alternate data. Unfortunately I can't find the post.

A simpler method is to use fileinstall command. When the script is compiled, the external file is stored within the exe.

When the script executes the same command as an exe, the file is copied to the same directory as the running script. It is a simple yet effective 'install'. With a little testing for the config file, the fileinstall command can be skipped.

Skipping the fileinstall could allow changes to be made to the configuration after 'installation'

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I have not tried saving settings within the compiled exe file, but I have included resources. I'm not sure which version of AHK you're using or how you are compiling, but I can right-click my scripts to compile. There's an option to compile with options, where you can include resources in your compiled exe.Compile with options

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