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Hi Guys I have this Table My Original table

I need to replace the First Letter in ACCT_NAME with the First Name of ACCT_SHORT_NAME. Records like the Higliighted(RAFFMAN) should not be changed. I have tried:

select acct_name, ACCT_SHORT_NAME,replace(acct_name, substr(acct_name, 1, 1),      ACCT_SHORT_NAME)
 from tbaadm.gam where schm_type = 'TDA' and rcre_user_id  = 'SYSTEM' and substr(acct_name,2,1) = ' '

I am getting:

Table after select

This means that am Picking the whole value in ACCT_SHORT_NAME. WHat is the best way to do what am trying to do?

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Extract first name by using INSTR function to get the position of first empty space

   replace(acct_name, substr(acct_name, 1, 1),  subst(ACCT_SHORT_NAME,1,INSTR(ACCT_SHORT_NAME,' ')))

To Account for short name which have first name only use CASE

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See what about where ACCT_NAME is Just One Name like 'MOHAMED' This is Not working –  Stanley Nov 6 '12 at 17:12
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