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I have nice RED colored lines in Google Fusion Tables (14,310 lines), each representing a Ski Lift on the planet. It is very easy to get a NetworkLink to this data and display it in the Google Earth Browser Plugin. BUT, the lines are WHITE and one Pixel, kind of hard to see.

Normally the user is going to look at one ski resort at a time, so downloading 14,310 lines to their local machine would be silly. I like the "Network Link" idea. Can someone clarify the issues here and offer solutions. Here is what I think is happening.

Google fetches the KML URL and renders it on their servers (fast), then sends back the right tiles for the current viewport. Therefore we cannot add any style information on the client. We need to be able to get the Google Servers to style the KML. Am I close?

FYI - The same Fusion Tables display perfectly on Google Maps V3.

You can see the lines here: http://en-ewm.azurewebsites.net/ Zoom in on a Ski Resort

Then right-click on the ski resort and "Open in 3D". This will open the current view in a simple Google Earth Browser page. The RED lift lines are now WHITE, but still amazing! The above link is the DEV version so may be broken.

Cheers James

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This question is not about the Google Maps API V3. (tag removed) –  Marcelo Nov 6 '12 at 17:39
Marcelo, until we know the best solution, how do we know it will not be found in the Google Maps API? The answer may be in the Google Maps Utility Library V3 - GoogleEarth. I am about to test that. –  user1541413 Nov 10 '12 at 14:05

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