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Here are some screenshots of what's happening.

The green background is a view in the scrollview (i.e. marks the "content size" and "content offset").

The orange is the scroll view frame.

The keyboard is up... the scroll view has scrolled the content nicely.

enter image description here

Now I click off the text field and the keyboard starts to hide

enter image description here

Although the scroll view (orange) seems to be the right height, the content has now jumped up about 100px (green).

I have no idea what's causing this - whether its an ios bug or what (it happens on my device as well).

This is the code which resizes the view based on when the keyboard gets shown/hidden.

- (void)keyboardWillShow:(NSNotification *)notif {
    [self.mainScrollView setAutoresizesSubviews:NO];
    // get the scroll view frame size
    CGRect frame = [self.mainScrollView frame];
    frame.size.height = self.view.frame.size.height-216;

    [UIView beginAnimations:@"scrollViewAnimations" context:nil];
    [UIView setAnimationDuration:0.3];
    [self.mainScrollView setFrame:frame];
    [UIView commitAnimations];

    // add tap gesture recognizer
    _tap = [[UITapGestureRecognizer alloc] initWithTarget:self action:@selector(_dismissKeyboard:)];
    [_tap setDelegate:self];
    [self.view addGestureRecognizer:_tap];

- (void)keyboardWillHide:(NSNotification *)notif {
    CGRect frame = [self.mainScrollView frame];
    frame.size.height = self.view.frame.size.height;

    [UIView beginAnimations:@"scrollViewAnimations" context:nil];
    [UIView setAnimationDuration:0.3];
    [self.mainScrollView setFrame:frame];
    [UIView commitAnimations];

    [self.view removeGestureRecognizer:_tap];

Any help or guidance would be great, thank you! Why is it doing this? Is it a bug - is it something buried in my code somewhere? I can't find it if it is. Is this an error with the way I'm doing my view animations?

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Here's my solution to a similar problem in RubyMotion:

def keyboardWillShow(notification)
  point = searchBar.convertPoint(searchBar.frame.origin, toView:tableView)
  tableView.setContentOffset(point, animated: true)

def keyboardWillHide(notification)
  info = notification.userInfo
  duration = info.objectForKey(UIKeyboardAnimationDurationUserInfoKey)

  UIView.beginAnimations(nil, context:nil)
  tableView.setContentOffset([0,0], animated: false)

The idea here being you don't really want to mutate the frame you instead want to adjust the content offset of the UIScrollView

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That's interesting. I might be able to work something out like this, instead of how I'm doing it. :) I'll let you know how I get on. – Thomas Clayson Nov 6 '12 at 16:48
+1 for setting the duration of the animation to the duration of the keyboard animation. – Mark Adams Nov 6 '12 at 16:49
Ok, I've taken a bit of what you're doing. I've kept my "scroll the view up" code. Then on the hiding of the keyboard I'm setting the content height to be += 216, setting the scrollview frame to the height of the view (no animation) and then animating the content offset to {0,0}. – Thomas Clayson Nov 6 '12 at 16:56
Thanks for your help... it works fine now! :) – Thomas Clayson Nov 6 '12 at 16:57

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