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I'm using Amazon s3 grails plugin to upload a csv file on s3. Can i really upload csv file using this plugin?I'm trying this.Neither i'm getting any kind of error nor the file is getting uploaded.Plugin has no facility to download file from s3.Please tell how can i download?

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I suggest not using the plugin and instead importing the jets3t library into your project. Then you can do something like this:

String awsAccessKey = "YOUR_AWS_ACCESS_KEY"
String awsSecretKey = "YOUR_AWS_SECRET_KEY"
AWSCredentials awsCredentials = new AWSCredentials(awsAccessKey, awsSecretKey)
S3Service s3Service = new RestS3Service(awsCredentials)

S3Bucket[] myBuckets = s3Service.listAllBuckets()
println "How many buckets to I have in S3? " + myBuckets.length

Take a look at this guide for more info: http://www.jets3t.org/toolkit/code-samples.html

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Whats the idea behind not using the s3 plugin ? would you explain.. –  sudhir Oct 8 '13 at 6:32

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