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I need to write a shell script for finding the mode of the files and the code needs to be able to accept other Unix commands as optional arguments.

for example:

mycode 644 ls -l 

should perform the command ls -l on all files in the current directory that have mode 644. I only need to know what aspects of shell scripting help me here to run the ls -l.

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I think for you the best will be to use find.

So for example the operation you are looking for can be executed by this simple comand:

find . -perm 0644 -exec ls -l {} \;

Your script may look like:

find . -perm $perm $* {} \;
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The following will do it:


It removes the first parameter into a variable, and executes the rest as a single shell command. It doesn't attempt to handle mode, but you indicated that your question wasn't about that.

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