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I'm developing a horizontal family tree.

Current Step - Assigning CSS Line-Height to vertically center each item based on nested content.

Problem - The nested item's Line-Height value grows exponentially because of inheritance.
I can make it work by assigning each value individually, but I'm looking for a dynamic solution.

View my demo code here - http://jsfiddle.net/kirtcarter/TLJT9/

Here's the jQuery in question:

    $("#familytree li").each(function(n) {
        var LineHeight = $(this).height()+'px';

Desired Result:
enter image description here

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You should be doing something along these lines:

    $(".item").each(function(n) {
        var newLineHeight = $(this).parent('.wrapper').height() +'px';
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Reversing the order works (like jfrej suggested)...but I think this solution is more scalable. Especially when this thing gets connected to a DB and really blows up. Thanks. – Kirt Nov 6 '12 at 19:25

You need to traverse the objects in a different order - starting from children.

Also, you might want to reset line-height to 1 before you check the height.

Try this:

$($("#familytree li").get().reverse()).each(function(n) {
    var newLineHeight = $(this).height()+'px';
    //uncomment the following line and run to see issue

Or in a more readable way:

var $elements = $("#familytree li");
var $elementsReversed = $($elements.get().reverse());
$elementsReversed.each(function(n) {
    var newLineHeight = $(this).height()+'px';
    //uncomment the following line and run to see issue

Demo here.

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I had considered reversing the order in which they were assigned but wasn't sure how to do it, thanks. – Kirt Nov 6 '12 at 19:19


#familytree li{   line-height: 100%; }

Looks like every one of these has an explicit height, so this should work

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