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If I have a login system or something similar, I store a session_id and a user_id in sessions, but any other data pertaining to a certain user is stored in a database. I've seen other scripts where people store other data (username, email etc) in sessions.

I was just wondering, which would be "better"? Saving data in sessions from the DB or having less sessions and grabbing the data from the database?


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I'd say just store things like user id and login hash in session. Remember not to store passwords or info that is not requested a lot of times by the script. What I mean with my last statement is that you can fetch the email from the db if it is only needed once throughout a session. Hope that helps. –  Juapo2Services Nov 6 '12 at 18:17

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You can store whatever information you like in the $_SESSION. I believe it can be up to 128Mb - limit is governed by memory_limit which is 128Mb by default. You could change this.

However, as a rule of thumb, I'd store information that is pertinent and/or less expensive than querying a database for - Put another way as little as possible.

It will no-doubt vary widely by use, but often, sessions contain things like:

  • Username
  • Full display names
  • Email address
  • Id's (user or otherwise)
  • Permissions
  • User groups
  • Hashes
  • Form input errors (temporarily, to highlight form errors)

Storing large blocks of data/info isn't advised though for reasons of speed/scale.

If your site/platform needs to scale at a later date, at the right point, you'd be better off looking at write-through caching or similar for frequently used/required data (e.g. Memcached) and storing the vast majority of data in your DB - where is should be.

Hope this helps.

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Practice shows it is better to keep data in database (for >= medium sized projects (server farm/really LOTS of data in session) or to enhance security for any sort of project(e.g. shared hosting)). Even user id should not be kept in the $_SESSION. Hashes, flash messages, quick settings - that's what ought to be in the $_SESSION.

But if you still have a question "Do I need to save session in DB" then most probably you should not keep it in DB.

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You also may be interested in memcache session storage –  nkamm Nov 6 '12 at 18:47

The answer is it depends and in your case, it probably doesn't even matter.

Session approach

  • Less queries = faster

DB approach

  • Less data in session prevents clobbering
  • Updates to the DB are reflected immediately without having to worry about simultaneously updating the session
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