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I had 3 directories monitored by git and 1 that wasn't monitored. I wanted to make a copy from all of them and paste them in a larger separate directory and push them to github with. Unfortunately it didn't work. Only the unmonitored folder was uploaded and for the others I see only the name and a green icon. Can someone help me do the right thing?

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When you git add a directory to a git repository that is a git repo itself (includes a .git folder), then git adds it as a git submodule. This will only include the revision of the submodule, rather than the files in that directory.

See also this SO: how-do-i-remove-a-git-submodule. If you removed the submodule and the .git folder (in the export!) you can add the folder again. This time it should be the complete folder.

You should also consider if submodules are already a solution to your problem.

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