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I am using JBoss 7.0.0.Final. I find there is a lot of folders under standalone\tmp\vfs directory and it occupies a lot of space . It seems they are unzipped content from the jars used by my project. Is there any method to disable such content because it occupies a lot of space in my dist?.why its created jar files in vfs?is there any helpfully to deployed application?

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If possible try a newer version of the application server. It looks like maybe you're hitting this bug https://issues.jboss.org/browse/AS7-341.

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As James put it, its a BUG AS7-341

To get the best out of Jboss AS7, I advice use of nightly builds, you can get them here

JBoss Nightly Builds , just click on the link Last Successful Artifact there.

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