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I have a test that needs to verify that an autorefresh property has been set. My first thought would be to .WaitForControlExist() on a loading page that happens when the page refreshes but Coded UI is too slow to capture that control as it disappears after a half second or so.

My question is whether or not there is a method that will wait for the page to be refreshed that has some sort of timeout similar to WaitForControlExist()

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There is a grid on the page that displays certain data. What I ended up doing was setting up the auto-refresh, adding more data to the grid, waiting the specified time, and verifying that the additional data was present.

Automated testing takes a lot of creativity sometimes you have to attack it from the side.

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You might me using .WaitForControlExist() with come click of control . in place of that you can use if(uIabc.Exists) or any control. But once control is there it will be chased and you might need to create new objects for control dynamically at run time.

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