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Problem I am facing is that when I activate the dijit.dialog(), the webpage blurs and I can not connect with the page till I close the dialog box. Is there some way that I can keep the dialog box open and still access the page. By access I mean that the webpage should be able to listen to click events or things like that. If not is there some other tool that I can use?

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Consider dojox/layout/FloatingPane because dijit/Dialog is quite hard-wired to be modal (via singletons):

// var FloatingPane = require("dojox/layout/FloatingPane");
var floatingPane = new FloatingPane({
    title: "FloatingPane",
    content: "Hello World!",
    resizable: false,
    dockable: false
}, "floatingPane");


or if you insist on dijit/Dialog you can subclass it, but expect possible weird stuff, esp. when nesting and/or combining modal/non-modal dialogs:

// var Dialog = require("dijit/Dialog");
var ModelessDialog = declare(Dialog, {
    show: function() {

See it in action at jsFiddle: http://jsfiddle.net/phusick/TgEWL/

N.B.: Do not forget to include dojox/layout/resources/FloatingPane.css and dojox/layout/resources/ResizeHandle.css stylesheets when using FloatingPane.

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Thanks for the reply @phusick. I am using the floating pane but I am facing the issue of closing and opening it. I did post this question, stackoverflow.com/questions/12548488/… but did not receive any response so thought creating Dialog and destroying it was easy so went for it but the Modal feature was a problem. Can u help me in how I can destroy the Floating pane widget and reassign new one? –  Sam007 Nov 7 '12 at 18:13

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