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I am modifying twitterizer version 1.0 to be compatible with recent twitter api v. 1.1.

while modifying and testing I got stuck with twitter api 1.1 search


I am using twitterizer v. 1.0.

Has anybody successfully called the above url and got json back?

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To inform whoever wondering, next version of Twitterizer (2 or 3) seems moving away from 1 in dealing with JSON.

They now use Newtonsoft.Json.dll

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Maybe it's too late to answer but there is a good remake of Twitterizer for Twitter API 1.1 at this link:

Twitterizer-Remaked For API 1.1

The only problem is that the documentation of the remake is in japanese. Use Google translator.

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The answer from @backslash17 doesn't seem to be working anymore: the japanese dll mod seems to be idle aswell.

Since I had the same problem (using Twitterizer in an old .NET 3.5 application) I switched to TweetSharp, which AFAIK is the only library available for .NET 3.5 (and also 2.0) with Twitter API 1.1 support.

For further information you can read my answer here.

I can personally guarantee that it works because I used it in an old 3.5 project and I managed to make it work (in fact it saved my day).

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