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there's a problem with my Neo4j-Test-Setup-Environment and the org.neo4j.test.ImpermanentGraphDatabase... I have a class, TestGraphPopulator, for setting up some dummy data for my unit tests.

Because of adding, delete, update operations in my tests, I populate the graph in every test case in init-method annotated via @Before.

But there is some really strange behavior sometimes. Some of my test fail, because there are more or less entities as expected. In a second, or third, etc. run, everything is fine, ..or not.

AND, in my /target directory of my project, there is a folder \target\test-data\impermanent-db with all the Neo4J database data...

I'm not sure of what my problem results of, but should NOT ImpermanentGraphDatabase only reside in memory??

For me, it looks like a bug, could anyone share some experience?? This seems very important to me, and maybe others...

Thanks a lot in advance! Markus

P.S.: Neo4J 1.8, Spring Data Neo4J 2.1 ..

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This is indeed what has happened to me, too. It is confirmed to be a problem, and was recently fixed. I have confirmed that no files are created when I use 1.9-SNAPSHOT.

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Thanks Werner, I'll be in this project again tomororrow and will see... – Markus Lamm Dec 1 '12 at 19:48

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