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Similar to genisofs I want to be able to run a command on a box with minimal additional services and create an ovf and associated data files that reference an iso image and can be used to kickstart a set of rpms.

The docs from the dmtf revolve around either converting an existing vm to ovf or building one using their software package inventory.


  • DiskSection_Type doesn't REALLY cover the meanings to possible settings
  • OperatingSystem doesn't REALLY cover the meanings to everything I need to know
  • How do I put in an iso image and force the bios to boot it?

So, this touted app from way back when open-ovf was the answer. However, its page on sourceforge has had all the code removed and there are no downloads.

I can probably use some Java schema to class tool to create a decent editor, but I'd like to understand WHAT I am editing before I spend a bunch of time on it.


  • This seems to be interested in building a device within a VM and having a eclipse front-end for it.
  • The solution given is based on upgrades through replacement of the vm and not in-place upgrades which runs contrary to legacy code and is IMO bad practice for SOME situations.

Other sources that have failed me:

I'll comment as I find more and continue to play, but I have noticed a lack of questions on the subject of what is supposed to be a fairly common format for sharing virtual machines.

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I believe that this document seems pretty exhaustive and appears to be fairly recent (January, 2013)

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Thanks, this is much closer to what I am seeking. Plus this shows signs of actual activity. However, the new xsd is a 404 (schemas.dmtf.org/ovf/envelope/2/dsp8023.xsd) as of this comment. – Jason Jun 27 '13 at 2:53
So it seems. There is an updated XSD at schemas.dmtf.org/ovf/envelope/1/dsp8023_1.1.xsd but I don't know if that's useful for you. – One Bad Panda Jun 27 '13 at 11:21

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