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I am trying out elastic search for the first time. I just have 1 node and 1 index.

curl -XPUT http://localhost:9200/testing/dummy/1 -d '{
                "snapshotTime" : "2012-10-31T13:31:21",
                "ratio" : "50",
                "description" : "sample description"


I have indexed 500 such dummies to index 'testing'.


. . . .


Now, when I tried a matchAll query with this data set,

curl -XGET 'http://localhost:9202/_all/_search?pretty=true' -d '
    "query" : { 
        "matchAll" : {} 

I get back only 10 results and they are random every time. However, the total hits remain 500. The hits array only contain 10 entries. Am I missing something?

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I got the answer from elastic search users mailing list. (Credits: Radu Gheorghe)

The from/size in the search API allows to control the result set size.

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Note the size param, which increases the hits displayed from the default (10) to 1000.

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