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I am a bit confused what way is the right way to log exceptions

 Log.Fatal(exception format, args);


  logger.FatalException("Got exception.", ex);
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Seems like mostly a matter of preference. I tend to use the log.FatalException("blah", ex) model for two reasons.

  1. That's clearly what it's there for.
  2. You have a bit of control over the format of how the exception is displayed in the nlog configuration. See: https://github.com/nlog/nlog/wiki/How-to-log-exceptions
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Hmm ya. Well I am using the ninject exception logger interface and it does not have FatalException so wondering if I should go through the trouble and add it or if I should just you the overload method. –  chobo2 Nov 6 '12 at 19:45

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