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I have models Foo and Bar. Bar has column foo_id. When I call Bar.foo_id I get the error missing attribute: foo_id

Keep in mind that this is not an undefined method error and the column definitely is in the db. What are some common causes of this?


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How are you loading your Bar? – Andy Gaskell Aug 25 '09 at 3:22
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Probably it has something to do with your find method? For instance you did a :select in a find:

Foo.find(:all, :select => "firstvar, secondvar")

In that case, you can only access firstvar and secondvar even though you have foo_id defined

Hope it helps! =)

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I had default_scope :includes => [:model1, :model2] defined.. instead I used a custom scope with all need includes. – Zarne Dravitzki Aug 21 '12 at 23:58

Are you calling



bar = Bar.new

Unless you have a class variable for Bar, you need to look at foo_id on an instance of Bar. I hope that helps. Cheers.

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