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I am trying to mock, using Mockito 1.9.x, the following code which happens to be in the advice method of a Spring AOP join point

protected void check(ProceedingJoinPoint pjp) {
   final Signature signature = pjp.getSignature();
   if (signature instanceof MethodSignature) {
      final MethodSignature ms = (MethodSignature) signature;
      Method method = ms.getMethod();
      MyAnnotation anno = method.getAnnotation(MyAnnotation.class);
      if (anno != null) {

Here is what I have for the mock so far

ProceedingJoinPoint pjp = mock(ProceedingJoinPoint.class);
Signature signature = mock(MethodSignature.class);

MethodSignature ms = mock(MethodSignature.class);
Method method = this.getClass().getMethod("fakeMethod");


So I have to create a Method instance using a fakeMethod() within my test class since you cannot mock/spy final classes. Using the debugger I see that the method instance is good after the call to "this.getClass().getMethod("fakeMethod");" but within my check() method, method is null after it executes the line "Method method = ms.getMethod();" which causes an NPE on the very next line.

Why would my method object be non-null in the test case but null in the method I am testing when using the when().thenReturn()?

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The method is using the signature returned by pjp.getSignature() and not ms where the mock MethodSignature has been added. Try:

ProceedingJoinPoint pjp = mock(ProceedingJoinPoint.class);
MethodSignature signature = mock(MethodSignature.class);

Method method = this.getClass().getMethod("fakeMethod");
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That was it. Thanks! –  wxkevin Nov 7 '12 at 13:09

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