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I'm trying to set up a Spring application to run in eclipse for the first time. I'm running it at as a standalone java application. The app builds without any errors but when I go to execute it, I get a ClassNotFoundException with the following stack trace:

DataLoadService [Java Application]  
    com.pikefin.services.DataLoadService at localhost:52871 
        Thread [main] (Suspended (exception ClassNotFoundException))    
            URLClassLoader$1.run() line: 217    
            AccessController.doPrivileged(PrivilegedExceptionAction<T>, AccessControlContext) line: not available [native method]   
            Launcher$AppClassLoader(URLClassLoader).findClass(String) line: 205 
            Launcher$AppClassLoader(ClassLoader).loadClass(String, boolean) line: 321   
            Launcher$AppClassLoader.loadClass(String, boolean) line: 294    
            Launcher$AppClassLoader(ClassLoader).loadClass(String) line: 266    
            ClassPathXmlApplicationContext(AbstractApplicationContext).<init>(ApplicationContext) line: 161 
            ClassPathXmlApplicationContext(AbstractRefreshableApplicationContext).<init>(ApplicationContext) line: 90   
            ClassPathXmlApplicationContext(AbstractRefreshableConfigApplicationContext).<init>(ApplicationContext) line: 59 
            ClassPathXmlApplicationContext(AbstractXmlApplicationContext).<init>(ApplicationContext) line: 61   
            ClassPathXmlApplicationContext.<init>(String[], boolean, ApplicationContext) line: 136  
            ClassPathXmlApplicationContext.<init>(String) line: 83  
            DataLoadService.main(String[]) line: 20 
    /usr/lib/jvm/java-1.6.0-openjdk- (Nov 6, 2012 1:14:23 PM)

It's happening on this line of code:

ApplicationContext context=new ClassPathXmlApplicationContext("classpath:spring.xml");

spring.xml gets moved into the class/ folder during the build process so I tried adding the class folder to the launch configuration (see screenshot).

enter image description here

I'm working with eclipse 3.7.2 and spring 3.1.1

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You write ClassDefNotFound but your paste shows ClassNotFoundException? –  Miserable Variable Nov 6 '12 at 20:34
Correcte. Thanks –  opike Nov 6 '12 at 21:45
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Check the spring libs. This issue is about the project build path and configuration.

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I don't know spring but the following is suspicious:

ApplicationContext context=new ClassPathXmlApplicationContext("classpath:spring.xml");

Perhaps it should be

ApplicationContext context=new ClassPathXmlApplicationContext("spring.xml");

For example, in this question the usage is

ApplicationContext context = new ClassPathXmlApplicationContext("applicationContext.xml");

Unless your file is actually called classpath:spring.xml, not sprint.xml, but I doubt that.

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I tried removing the classpath: prefix but still getting the same error. –  opike Nov 6 '12 at 21:50
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