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I have this foreach here

<?php foreach($division as $value){
            $arraydivision[] = $value['name'];
        } ?>

but the keys come back as 0, 1, 2, 3, 4

I would like the keys to be also the names...I have tried

<?php foreach($division as $value){
            $arraydivision[] = $value['name'] => $value['name'];
        } ?>

But that didnt work, just gave me an error...anyone know why this is not working?

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The PHP syntax for this is:

$arraydivision[$value['name']] = $value['name'];

Take a look at PHP array documentation, section Creating/modifying with square bracket syntax, there are also exmpales on how to use unset() and other details.

You also may find documentation for foreach interesting (especially secion on array_expression as $key => $value syntax).

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Assuming $value['name'] is the name you want:

foreach($division as $value){
    $arraydivision[$value['name']] = $value['name'];

Note: Seems odd to assign key and value the same. Maybe you wish to assign $value?

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