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Are there any JSON editor on Windows?

-I try Notepad++ but it supports JSON with third party plug-ins which needs to be call from Notepad++ menus each time you open a Json file. And some of them does not work properly.

-I try Gedit for Windows, but it does not supports JSON as default. I could not found support for Windows version.

-Most of JSON service I found based on online (from browser). I can not use them offline.

-All JSON extensions for browsers (Chrome and Firefox) can just read (format or validate) the JSON file. I could not find any JSON editor extension. I don't want to use extension because most of them (all extension that I try) does not works with local files. They just enabling themselves when I download the JSON file from internet.

Thanks in advance...

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Here is one which also supports JSON syntax-coloring, auto-completion and syntax checking. –  lichtfusion Dec 19 '12 at 10:43
JSONBuddy seems to be another interesting JSON editor with syntax-coloring and well-formed checking You can download a trial version from Download.com: download.cnet.com/JSONBuddy/… –  Fluffi1974 Jul 24 '13 at 16:38
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