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I'm using named queues within delayed_job to keep tasks isolated by server:

subdomain = Socket.gethostname.split('.')[0]
MyModel.delay(:queue => (subdomain + "_queue")).get_some_records

When I start delayed_job on each server, I need to set the --queue flag. One can pass arguments to the delayed_job CL with set :delayed_job_args. AFAIK, Capistrano allows for the use of the $CAPISTRANO:HOST$ in run commands, but this doesn't help me with set.

As a workaround, I have overridden the delayed_jobs task like this:

desc "Start the delayed_job process"
  task :start, :roles => lambda { roles } do
  run "cd #{current_path};#{rails_env} script/delayed_job start --queue=$CAPISTRANO:HOST$_queue #{args}"

Is there any way to do this as intended, using set? I would like to be able to do something like this:

set :delayed_job_args, "--queue=#{ hostname }_queue"


I discovered another kludgy (and not so DRY) way to do this, but still would like to do it with set if possible:

desc "Start the delayed_job process"
task :start, :roles => lambda { roles } do
  parallel do |session|
    session.when "server.host =~ /server1/", "cd #{current_path};#{rails_env} script/delayed_job start --queue=server1_queue #{args}"
    session.when "server.host =~ /server2/", "cd #{current_path};#{rails_env} script/delayed_job start --queue=server2_queue #{args}"
    session.else "cd #{current_path};#{rails_env} script/delayed_job restart #{args}"

Rails 3.2.8, delayed_job 3.0.3, capistrano 2.13.4.

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How about … ?

set :delayed_job_args, "--queue=#{ $CAPISTRANO:HOST$ }_queue"

I have not personally tested this in Cap, but it seems logical.

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