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I am trying to create a drop down select list for a web application. This list must have optgroups, must have indentation (using --), and the group names must be options themselves. Since optgrouping is a requirement, I need to use one of the group option helpers. Since everything is in one model, I chose grouped_options_for_select.

I have a functional solution but it is messy. Is there any way I can make this neater? In particular, for the helper method grouped_categories, Is there a better way to create the nested array so that i do not need to call the database so many times?

The View;

<%= f.label :category_id %>
<%= f.select :category_id, grouped_options_for_select(grouped_categories.map{ |group| [group.first.name, group.second.map{|c| [c.name, c.id]}]}) %>

The Helper;

module CategoryHelper
 #building an array of elements (optgroup, members), where optgroup is one category object instance,
 # and members contains all category objects belonging to the optgroup, including the opt group object itself
 def grouped_categories
   @grouped_array = []
   Category.where("parent_id is null").each do |g|
     members = []
     members << g
     Category.where("parent_id = ?", g.id).each do |c|
       members << c
       Category.where("parent_id = ?", c.id).each do |s|
         members << s
     group = [g, members]
     @grouped_array << group

 def indent_subcategory(cat)
   cat.name = '--' + cat.name

  def indent_subsubcategory(cat)
    cat.name = '----' + cat.name
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I would consider using awesome_nested_set or other choice from the ActiveRecord Nesting category of Ruby Toolbox on your model. They have helpers to give you the entire tree with a single query, and some even have view helpers for Rails.

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