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Is it possible to check whether a page in Crystal Reports contains a specific string ?

For example, I would like to search all pages for the word "Today" and if found on a page, show a Note reading "Text Found" on the page footer.

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In a certain field or ALL fields on the page? –  Ryan Nov 6 '12 at 22:46

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Add this formula to the page-header section, then suppress it:

// {@reset}
// reset arrays
Booleanvar found:=false;

Add this formula to the details section, then suppress it;

// {@test}

Booleanvar found;

if Instr({table.field},"Today") > 0 Then found:=true;

Add this formula to the page-footer section:

// {@display}
// display the text that was found

Booleanvar found;

if found then "Text found";
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