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So my problem is this. I can remove a record from localstorage proxy just fine the first time. But if I do it again, it gives me an error, where everything in the Store is undefined, like it didnt exist anymore.

 onTapRemoveKegelReminder: function(button) {
    //Find and delete the button and the record
    var store = Ext.getStore('KegelReminders');
    store.filter('button_id', button.getData());
    var record = store.first();

    console.log('Remove count'+ store.getCount());

    if (typeof record !== 'undefined'||record!=null ) {

        console.log('removed record correctly')
        var rmButton = this.getKegelExercises().down('#container-' + button.getData());


But if I restart my application, and then remove again it works fine. I cant seems to remove more than once without having to restart the application.

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FYI in case anyone else finds this, removing a record from a Store only removes it from that instance of the store, not from the storage mechanism (for example, localstorage). If you want to do that you have to use the erase method on the model object.

store.remove(record); // may not even be necessary
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