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I am following up with a game development tutorial for windows 8 here The tutorial probably needs updating since at some point i had to add in createJS before using PreloadJS.


stage = new createjs.Stage(canvas);
preload = new createjs.PreloadJS();

or else the debugging throws errors.

However the program breaks when bgImage is initialised. Any suggestive codes i can use?

bgImage = preload.getResult("screenImage").Result;
bgBitmap = new Bitmap(bgImage);
bgBitmap.scale_X = SCALE_X;
bgImage.scale_Y = SCALE_Y;
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Please make sure you are using correct syntax.

var bgImage = preload.getResult("screenImage").result;
var bgBitmap = new createjs.Bitmap(bgImage);

Also what is the bug you are getting? Here is a quick example that should help.

function init() {
        canvas = document.getElementById("testCanvas");

        //check to see if we are running in a browser with touch support
        stage = new createjs.Stage(canvas);

        images = images || {};
        var manifest = [
            {src:"image.jpg", id:"image"}

        loader = new createjs.PreloadJS(false);
        loader.onFileLoad = handleFileLoad;
        loader.onComplete = handleComplete;

    function handleFileLoad(o) {
    //You could store all your images in object to call them easily.  
    if (o.type == "image") {
            images[] = o.result;

    function handleComplete(event) {
        var bg = new createjs.Bitmap(loader.getResult("image").result);
        //OR samething
        //var bg = new createjs.Bitmap(images['image']);

    function tick() {

Hope this helps.

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Just a note that PreloadJS 0.3.0 (February 2013) has a slightly different API to help support the new event model. Specifically, the getResult method and fileload event payload have changed. See the documentation for more details. – Lanny Apr 15 '13 at 20:13

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