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I am hoping to get some help on a view which needs to be pivoted, I am not sure though. View is in following format:

CASE       CASE_ORDER     MANAGER    MONTHLY_CASES      FISCAL_CASES                                                                
case_1          1           John            15             84          
case_1          1           Jeff            10             80  
case_2          2           John            20             90  
case_2          2           Jeff            13             65  
case_3          3           John            7              72  
case_3          3           Jeff            17             70  

My final chart should look like the following:

case_1     1            15                84            10            80  
case_2     2            20                90            13            65  
case_3     3             7                72            17            70 

My problem is that managers can change and so does the number of managers from month to month, so I can't hard code their names (ie. 'mgr1' and 'mgr2') and use DECODE. It has to be dynamic...

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There are some very good hits if you simply google for "oracle pivot dynamic". Did you try anything? – Mat Nov 7 '12 at 6:54
I certainly looked around before posting my message. As I said in my original post my current working code uses the hard-coded names for manages but it can change from time to time, so I want to make it dynamic which I haven't figured out yet. Can you suggest some solution. – user1804548 Nov 7 '12 at 16:45
Thing is, you you google for exactly "oracle dynamic pivot", you'll find an asktom article that describes an option for dynamic pivot. Did you try it? Is it not an option? – Mat Nov 7 '12 at 16:46

Thanks for your suggestion, I figured it out. In fact there is a similar answer in tom kyte's blog ( which I modified for my purpose. Here it is:

CREATE OR REPLACE PROCEDURE dynamic_pivot_proc ( p_cursor IN OUT SYS_REFCURSOR )  
l_query LONG := 'SELECT case_order, case';   
FOR x IN (SELECT DISTINCT manager FROM test_table ORDER BY 1 )  
    l_query := l_query ||  
    REPLACE( q'|, MAX(DECODE(manager,'$X$',monthly_total)) $X$_current_month|',   
            '$X$', dbms_assert.simple_sql_name(x.manager) ) ||  
    REPLACE( q'|, MAX(DECODE(manager,'$X$',fiscal_total)) $X$_fy|',   
           '$X$', dbms_assert.simple_sql_name(x.manager) );  
l_query := l_query || ' FROM test_table 
                        GROUP BY case_order, case
                        ORDER BY case_order ';
OPEN p_cursor FOR l_query;

SQL> variable x refcursor;  
SQL> exec dynamic_pivot_proc( :x );  
SQL> print x  


1 case_1 10 80 15 84
2 case_2 13 65 20 90
3 case_3 17 70 7 72

Now the thing is instead of printing the result I want to store it in a view. How do I achieve that? I tried to modify the line
l_query LONG := 'SELECT case_order, case';
l_query LONG := 'CREATE OR REPLACE VIEW SELECT case_order, case';
Needless to say that it did not work because CREATE OR REPLACE is a DDL statement, so some how I have to use EXECUTE IMMEDIATE.

Any suggestion? Thanks in advance.

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