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getStyle().getFont(workbook).getColor() returns a short. How do I get RGB value of the color?



does not always work (null pointer exception happens sometimes). maybe I was doing something wrong.

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I think I might have figured it out. When a cell is using default color (black usually), the default color does not exist in color palette.

Here's a working example:

final HSSFColor foreColor = palette.getColor(style.getFont(this.book).getColor());
if (foreColor != null) {
    final short[] foreRGB = foreColor.getTriplet();
    if (foreRGB[0] != 0 || foreRGB[1] != 0 || foreRGB[2] != 0) {
        out.append("color: rgb(").append(foreRGB[0]).append(',').append(foreRGB[1]).append(',').append(foreRGB[2]).append(");");
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