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On the Google App Engine, I have a webapp2 model like this:

def Person(db.model):
    first_name = db.StringProperty()
    surname = db.StringProperty()
    languages_spoken = db. ListProperty()

However, I'd like to have the languages_spoken list constrained to a list of options, say English, French, and Spanish, that can change as time goes on. With SQL this would be easy with person, language, and person_language tables (or similar) but I can't get my head round how to do it in this case, or even if it's possible. Any suggestions anyone?

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I you are starting an appengine project, use the new NDB instead of the datastore. You can use properties with arguments like: choices and validator:

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By using the NDB, you can have the following:

def Person(ndb.model):
    first_name = db.StringProperty()
    surname = db.StringProperty()
    languages_spoken = db. ListProperty(choices=['English', 'French', 'Spanish'])

For more information about it, take a look at NDB Property Options.

However, notice that these options cannot change "on-the-fly". When a new option is supported by your application, you will need to add it in your model manually.

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In the end I went with this, thanks to the pointers from the two other answers:

from google.appengine.ext import ndb

languages = ['English', 'French', 'Spanish']

def Person(ndb.model):
    first_name = ndb.StringProperty()
    surname = ndb.StringProperty()
    languages_spoken = ndb.StringProperty(repeated=True, choices=languages)
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