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How do I call this method into my main method:

 public static char shiftLetter(char aLetter, int offset){

    if((aLetter >= 65 && aLetter <= 90) || (aLetter >=97 && aLetter <=122)){
      char shifted = (char) (aLetter + offset);  
      return shifted;
      return aLetter;

Here is my main method:

 public static void main(String[]args){ 
    Scanner in = new Scanner (System.in);

    String isAnswer = askQ();
    if (isAnswer.equals("encode") || isAnswer.equals("decode")){
      String text = isText();
      int offset = isOffset();
      char[] myString = text.toCharArray();
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If shiftLetter() method is in the same class than your main() method then just type its name to call it :

shiftLetter('a', 123);

Then if it is another class, in your main you have to put the name of the class before the name of the method :

OtherClasse.shiftLetter('a', 123);
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if shiftLetter is in your main class than you can just use

shiftLetter('a', 4);

where 'a' and 4 are whatever parameters you want. IF it's in a class outside the main class you may have to use Class.ShiftLetter() or import it if it's in another package

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'foo' is not a character. And if the method is in another class you won't have to import it if it is in the same package... –  Flawyte Nov 6 '12 at 23:03
you're right, it's been a long day –  Cameron Scully Nov 6 '12 at 23:06
Also you won't have to import the method but the class ;) –  Flawyte Nov 6 '12 at 23:08

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