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I want to know when I should call RestoreSession() function and when not. Because when I open single file, I don't want to see my project's files, which i save to vim session before.

For example if I call vim like this: vim -n test.rb. How me to detect n key in vimrc? (I want use n key as something like custom indicator for my purpose)

It's all, small question :-)

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In private conversation, @Nicklasos suggest me another way how to do what I need - using argv() function. It is just:

if argc() == 0
  autocmd VimEnter * call RestoreSess()
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@Nicklasos upvoted answer that indirectly credits to you. –  0xc0de Aug 17 at 8:08

You can run vim with -c key (Execute command upon startup)

vim -c RestoreSession foo.txt

Also, you can write bash alias.

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