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I am trying to match the inner-most content between @@BOKeyword- and -End@@ in the following example:

@@BOKeyword-Here is@@BOKeyword-I want to match this!-End@@stuff-End@@

So my match would be: I want to match this! I'm using the following regex: @@BOKeyword-([^@@BOKeyword--End@@]*)-End@@

However, this doesn't match at all. I developed this based on this example which I derived from a previous question's answer:

AC I want to match this! BD I don't want to match this! AC I want to match this! BD I don't want to match this! BD

Using the regex: AC([^ACBD]*)BD

And this works as expected. I think I'm misunderstanding how this works. Any tips would be appreciated! Thanks!

Note: I'm running this in Java.

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[] groups match (positively or negatively) one character at a time. Not entire strings. So [^ABCD] actually means a single character that is not A,B,C or D. – climbage Nov 6 '12 at 23:55

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If your regex engine support lookaround, you can try this:

  • the first DOT matches start character: I
  • the middle DOT matches characters not surrounded by your delimiters: ·want·to·match·this
  • the last DOT matches end character: !

There are 2 cases not cover (only one/zero character in between):


It's pretty hard to combine these two regex. Another way is:

  • replace your delimiters with {/} (or other single character pair)
  • write a simpler regex to match
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Worked! Great, thanks! I'll accept it when I can. – kentcdodds Nov 6 '12 at 23:53

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