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What does index mean in getMergedRegion?

Apache's HSSFSheet documentation does not explicitly describe what the index parameter means.

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From the freely available source downloadable here we have ...

 * @return the merged region at the specified index
public CellRangeAddress getMergedRegion(int index) {
    return _sheet.getMergedRegionAt(index);

When we drill down to getMergedRegionAt we find

public CellRangeAddress getMergedRegionAt(int index) {
    //safety checks
    MergedCellsTable mrt = getMergedRecords();
    if (index >=  mrt.getNumberOfMergedRegions()) {
        return null;
    return mrt.get(index);

Here we can see that there is a MergedCellsTable this would indicate that each worksheet has a data structure that maintains a list of the Merged Cells in a WorkSheet.

From reviewing the code the index references the specific MergedRegion whose CellRangeAddress was required in the context of having many regions.

You could log that as a doc bug or submit a patch to improve the JavaDoc.

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To answer this question, let's first define a MergedRegion.

A MergedRegion is essentially a group of cells grouped together that can act as one cell. This is created using a CellAdress which can span a number or rows or columns.

A HSSFSheet can contain a number of these MergedRegions given by getNumMergedRegions.

The index refers to the MergedRegion in the HSSFSheet in Sheet objects backing MergedCellsTable which is essentially an ArrayList.

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