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I have a subview that covers the full screen of the iphone 5, and when ever i build and run all of a sudden its frame is (0,-40,320,586) instead of (0,0,320,586). So it like moves up for some reason. Right now I unchecked 'use autolayout' in the file inspector. This gets rid of all those annoying constraint thingies which i dont understand what they do.

whenever i check 'use autolayout' enabling the constraints I notice this fixes the problem, and the subview doesn't randomly move up 40 pixels.

However, I can't keep these constraints on because i do animations with the subview, which don't work whenever the constraints are enabled.

Any one have any idea what I can do?????

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i have some code in viewwillappear would that cause any problems, but none of it involves the subview – Mindi Hansen Mende Nov 6 '12 at 23:59
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If you use autolayout at any point read and learn about the autolayout system and constraints. If you dont want to, turn it off and dont use it.

In your case, if you want to get rid of it for a single view, perhaps it is enough to remove all constraints from that view. That can be done like this: [view removeConstraints:view.constraints]

Autolayout reference:

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