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doesn't play framework 2.0.4 support some consoles?

when i was using 1.x, i could use the console "play eclipsify"

and "play dependencies" to fbconnect and fbgraph modules

but from when i chaged the version, it's not working.

then how can i connect those modules? i've no idea to do that

i think the new version doesn't support those consoles for modules

is it correct?

is the way totally different? if then please let me know.

also juz awhile ago i checked the 1.2.5 version

and there is no dependencies.yml and module folder

would you let me know what changed and how can i apply and adjust?

Thank you for your time

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check this out

and i wanna tell you some people who evaluate my question

what if there is no begginer who really want to learn and ask, how developing survives?

i hate reputations!

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Yes, it's TOTALY different, although some ideas are the same, Play 2.x is quite new product (as stated in many topics and questions since many months), there's (fortunately) no backward compatibility between Play 1.x and 2.x!

When you'll visit Play 1.x (only) modules page the first thing you'll see will be that disclaimer:

These modules are for the Play 1.x series only. Play 2.0 modules can be hosted anywhere on any Ivy, Maven or Git repository. We will add a directory for them here shortly.

Thanx to Pere Villega you can also search for Play 2.0 for Java or Scala modules on PlayModules.net site, however you need carefully choose between Play 1.x and Play 2.x series.

For working with , check the Play's 2.0 IDE documentation.

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thanks alot for you information biesior the thing what i can't use is the console "eclipsify with-source=true" it's not working at play 2.x can you? if then what did i wrong? i already put the path to "C:\play;" and i even have used play 1.2.5 would you give me any tiny clue for me? thanks –  Brad Nov 7 '12 at 19:14
Unfortunately I'm not using Eclipse. –  biesior Nov 7 '12 at 19:19
well... i need to withdraw my word ;; suddenly it's working oops.. thank you so much for your concern! –  Brad Nov 7 '12 at 20:16

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