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I am having a bit of trouble with my form and radio buttons, with input text I do this:

<?php echo form_input('lastname', set_value('lastname'), 'id=lastname'); ?>
<?php echo form_error('lastname'); ?>

and when the validation runs and that input field that is filled out gets the valued returned...what I am looking for is a way to do this with radio buttons

<tr><td><?php echo form_label('Gender: ', 'gender'); ?></td><td><?php echo form_label('Male', 'male') . form_radio('gender', 'M', '', 'id=male'); ?><br><?php echo form_label('Female', 'female') . form_radio('gender', 'F', '', 'id=female'); ?></td><td><?php echo form_error('gender'); ?></td></tr>

as you can see both my radio buttons have values already F or do I have the button that is selected returned selected?

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From the user guide:


This function is identical in all respects to the form_checkbox() function above except that is sets it as a "radio" type.

So reading further:


Lets you generate a checkbox field. Simple example:

echo form_checkbox('newsletter', 'accept', TRUE);

Would produce:

<input type="checkbox" name="newsletter" value="accept" checked="checked" />

The third parameter contains a boolean TRUE/FALSE to determine whether the box should be checked or not.

So in your case, it might be something like this:

// Pass boolean value to third param
// Example:
$radio_is_checked = $this->input->post('gender') === 'F';

echo form_radio('gender', 'F', $radio_is_checked, 'id=female');

Since set_radio() just returns a string checked="checked", you could wedge it in to the fourth paramter if you really wanted to but it makes for some ugly looking code:

echo form_radio('gender', 'F', NULL, 'id="female" '.set_radio('gender', 'F'));
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This works forsure....

<tr><td><?php echo form_label('Gender: ', 'gender'); ?></td><td><?php echo form_label('Male', 'male') . form_radio(array("name"=>"gender","id"=>"male","value"=>"M", 'checked'=>set_radio('gender', 'M', FALSE))); ?><br><?php echo form_label('Female', 'female') . form_radio(array("name"=>"gender","id"=>"female","value"=>"F", 'checked'=>set_radio('gender', 'F', FALSE))); ?></td><td><?php echo form_error('gender'); ?></td></tr>

wrote my radio buttons like so

<?php form_radio(array("name"=>"gender","id"=>"female","value"=>"F", 'checked'=>set_radio('gender', 'F', FALSE))); ?>
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checked accepts a Boolean, while set_radio returns checked="checked". –  Joseph Silber Nov 7 '12 at 0:39
The reason this works is because CI is nice enough to correct your error and convert the value of checked to a legal one, with any other attribute this would output something like attr=" checked="checked"". –  Wesley Murch Nov 7 '12 at 1:15

This worked well for me. Even though I didnt use form_helper, this was much easier way. Everyone face issue to take input for gender field :)

               <input id="gender" name="gender" type="radio" class="" <?php if($gender=='0') echo "checked='checked'"; ?> value="0" <?php echo $this->form_validation->set_radio('gender', 0); ?> />
                <label for="gender" class="">Male</label>

                <input id="gender" name="gender" type="radio" class="" <?php if($gender=='1') echo "checked='checked'"; ?> value="1" <?php echo $this->form_validation->set_radio('gender', 1); ?> />
                <label for="gender" class="">Female</label>

                <input id="gender" name="gender" type="radio" class="" <?php if($gender=='2') echo "checked='checked'"; ?> value="2" <?php echo $this->form_validation->set_radio('gender', 2); ?> />
                <label for="gender" class="">Others</label>

I hope it will help someone :)

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$_fldProyectoMostrar = array(
"id"        => "_FLDPROYDER",
"name"      => "_FLDPROYDER"

<?php echo form_radio($_fldProyectoMostrar, "FALSE",    set_radio("_FLDPROYDER", "FALSE", TRUE)); ?>NO

<?php echo form_radio($_fldProyectoMostrar, "TRUE",     set_radio("_FLDPROYDER", "TRUE", FALSE )); ?>SI

Donde el el segundo valor del set radio, debe ser = al string value del form_radio

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