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I'd like to use this upgraded jQuery Mobile dual range slider.
jQuery Mobile dual range slider working but buggy

I need to use it with twitter bootstrap. However, jQuery Mobile doesn't play nice with Twitter bootstrap and is killing the dropdown menu when the javaScript files are placed at the bottom of the page (as per yslow). Here are 3 jsbin examples to illustrate the problem:

with jQuery Mobile added, twitter bootstrap menu fails: http://jsbin.com/ibecox/1

without jQuery Mobile .js file, twitter bootstrap the menu works fine: http://jsbin.com/ibecox/2

with all javaScript in the header (bad practice) the menu also works, but I'd need to avoid putting all the javaScript in the header: http://jsbin.com/ibecox/3

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Have the same issue while using slider. Twitter bootstrap doesn't work with jQuery UI. –  Vlad Shyshov Nov 11 '12 at 4:13
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I can see there's a broken link to the twitter bootstrap js, I've fixed it and your sample works fine for me, both the dropdown menu and the progress bar

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Hi Sergiy, thanks for noticing that. jsFiddle was producing the same error as my real page so I didn't notice that they were happening for different reasons. I've updated my question to include a jsBin that looks closer to my real page and illustrates the problem correctly. –  JStark Nov 8 '12 at 19:45
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