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I have an sample application that do basic dictation with sapi 5.3.
It works well to input text with punctuation...
What would I need to do to enable the correction functionality as in the tutorial (correct word, select ...)?
Is there a specific grammar to load (which and how), some specific events to implement?

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Well, if you just want the grammar, you can use a ruleref to get the dictation grammar:

<ruleref uri="sharing:Microsoft.SpeechUX.BuiltIn.LaunchCommands"/>

Note that you'll still be responsible for parsing the rule and performing the actions.

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Oops. That should be <ruleref uri="sharing:Microsoft.SpeechUX.BuiltIn.DictationCommands"/> LaunchCommands gets you the list of applications you can launch. D'Oh! –  Eric Brown Nov 23 '09 at 17:04

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